United Methodists are disciples of Jesus Christ who continue to heed the lessons John Wesley taught his followers: to live lovingly and justly as servants of Christ by healing the sick, feeding the hungry, caring for the stranger, freeing the oppressed; being a compassionate presence, and working to develop social structures that are consistent with the gospel. Below is the 2022 – 2024 Peachland UMC Leadership information.

2023-2025 Peachland UMC Leadership

Pastor: Luke Christy
Lay Leaders: Mike Snodgrass
Lay Delegate to Annual Conference: Lisa Kendall
Church Council Chair: Anne Ross
Church Council Secretary: Colton Snodgrass
Trustees Specialist: Kyle Davis
Staff Parish Relations Specialist: Lisa Kendall
Finance Specialist: Nancy Diggs
Financial Secretary: Wanda Tyson
Sandra Harmon Clive Fund: Gloria Overcash
Parsonage: Colton Snodgrass
Parsonage Fund: Tracie Carpenter
Safe Sanctuary: Jodi Davis
Men’s Ministry: Mike Snodgrass
Children’s: Emily Snodgrass
Communications: Lisa Kendall
Youth: Mike Snodgrass
Hospitality: LaDonna Snodgrass
Church Caretakers: Nick Johnson
Membership Secretary: Frances Harrington

Lay Leadership (Nomination) Committee

Chair: *Luke Christy
Committee Lead: *Mike Snodgrass

’23  Francis Harrington       LeAnna Davis
’24 Elosie Harrington
’25 Patsy Treadaway

Leadership Committee (SPRC, Finance, Trustees)

Chair: Lisa Kendall
SPRC Specialist: Lisa Kendall
Finance Specialist: Nancy Diggs
Trustees Specialist: Kyle Davis
*Mike Snodgrass, *Wanda Tyson, *Emily Snodgrass, *Pastor Luke Christy

’23   Lisa Kendall Ken Tyson
’24 Scott KikerKyle Davis
’25 Eddie EdwardsNancy Diggs

Parsonage Committee

Chair: Colton Snodgrass
Committee: *Tracie Carpenter, *Lisa Kendall, *Kyle Davis, *Luke Christy

’23   Jeff DavisCam Fields
’24 Jodi DavisEric Diggs
’25 Colton Snodgrass

*denotes those who serve because of the office they hold

Safe Sanctuaries Committee

Chair: Jodi Davis
Committee: Emily Snodgrass *Luke Christy

Children’s Committee

Chair: Emily Snodgrass
Committee Members: Anne Ross, Nancy Diggs
Outreach Coordinator: Kelly Christy

Worship Committee

Chair: Jodi Davis
Communion Stewards: Kaye Edwards, Eddie Edwards
Bulletins: Kaye Edwards, Eddie Edwards,
Greeters: Audrey Stegall
Adult Choir: ______________
Bell Choir: Nancy Diggs
Flower Coordinator:  Carolyn Carpenter
Sound System: Lisa Kendall, Tracie Carpenter
Worship Arts: LaDonna Snodgrass, Jodi Davis, Eloise Harrington
Children’s Committee Representatives: Emily Snodgrass

Communications Committee

Chair: Lisa Kendall
Communications: Kyle Davis, Colton Snodgrass, Nathan Sedberry, Tracie Carpenter, Ryan Snodgrass

Youth Committee

Chair: Mike Snodgrass and LaDonna Snodgrass
Committee: Emily Snodgrass, Colton Snodgrass, Jake Davis

Hospitality Committee

Chair: LaDonna Snodgrass
Committee: Audry Stegall, Gloria Coppedge, Kaye Edwards, Ruthie Snodgrass

Hospitality Committee

Chair: LaDonna Snodgrass
Committee: Audry Stegall, Gloria Coppedge, Kaye Edwards, Ruthie Snodgrass

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